About Us

CrossFit Mad Minuteā€˜s goal is to help you realize that there is more to fitness than just getting a sweat in, feeling the burn on your muscles, and looking better for the beach. We are here to show you that you actually can build athleticism and health that will last your whole life.

We subscribe to the CrossFit methodology of using constantly varied, functional movements, executed at high intensities. We train using functional movements that help you learn to be safer and more efficient in actions that you do in your daily life (squatting, running, pulling, carrying, pushing, lifting). We constantly vary our daily workouts (fondly called the Workout Of the Day or WOD) so that your mind will never get bored and your body will never stagnate- there are always fresh ways of building your fitness. We scale the intensity of your workouts to your current ability so that they will be both challenging and motivating at the same time. Your training must always be effective at improving your fitness and make you want to keep getting better.

We offer to develop a broad, general, and inclusive fitness that will prepare you for the unforeseen challenges of daily life. Our program is also broad and inclusive in that it will benefit the most experienced of athletes, as well as those coming in to do the very first workout of their life. Everyone needs to be able to move and work more effortlessly, more efficiently, more quickly, and across different distances and periods of time.

We understand the value of hard work and accountability. You need to own your fitness. You need to truly understand how your body works, so that you can gain control over it. We are here to guide you on your journey, but in the end you are responsible how fit and healthy you will become throughout your life.

We see the value of a positive and supportive community, and that is who we are at CrossFit Mad Minute. There are no strangers here, and everyone shares in the camaraderie of the group effort regardless of profession or fitness ability. Even if the workouts are competitive in nature, everyone encourages each other through the work.

If you are ready to redefine your understanding of your body and of fitness and health, if you are ready to put in hard work and strive to achieve your goals, if you are ready to be part of a community of people who are motivated to do the same, you will be in good company at CrossFit Mad Minute.