Easy Weight Loss Walking Tips

Did you know that you could walk weight off?  There is no doubt that one of the easiest and probably most enjoyable forms of exercise that you can do to lose some of that extra weight is to go for long walks. But its not just a case of going for a leisurely stroll around the block. You have to put some effort into what you are doing if you want to get the benefits in terms of a reduction in weight and an improvement in health. So here are some tips to help you to get the best of your walking sessions.

The first thing you should do when you start walking for weight loss is to step up the pace of your walking. A stroll is not enough, as you need to be walking at an elevated pace to get your heart rate up and force your muscles to do some work in order to get them burning more of the fuel you have floating around in your body in the form of the sugars present on your bloodstream. By walking faster than normal and even better is if you can walk up and down hills, you turn a leisurely activity into a cardiovascular exercise.

The next thing you need to know which is vitally important if you want to turn your walk into a fat burning exercise is to maintain your pace of walking for more than twenty minutes. The reason for this is that is about how long it takes for this form of exercise to cause your working muscles to deplete the blood sugar levels to the point where the body must supply more. Your body does this by raiding its fat store to convert stored fats back into burnable sugars to keep the muscles fed with the energy they need to keep working. The longer you can keep this exercise up, the more fat you will burn.

Do this every day and you can see that it wont be too long before you are reducing your waistline and losing the flabby fatty parts of your body that you are aiming to get rid of. This is one of those great tips for weight loss that works so well because its an easy exercise to start doing and you can build up the length of time you do it for each day.   Add to the fact that it is an enjoyable way to keep fit and get some fresh air into your lungs, depending on where you live, of course!

So why not begin right away?  Heres a suggestion – keep a comfortable pair of walking shoes and several pairs of clean socks in the trunk of your car.  At lunchtime, spend the majority of your free time walking.  This will help you emphasize healthy weight loss and de-emphasize mealtime.  Shift the focus, and youll be helping your brain to develop healthy habits.  Healthy habits add up!

Good luck beginning your walking program, and congratulations on starting your weight loss program!