Frequently Asked Questions

What is CrossFit?

CrossFit is a general fitness program. That means our aim is to increase the abilities of a person in a wide range of physical tasks. In CrossFit we learn to squat, press, pull, run, jump, and climb effortlessly. We learn to use our whole body to control our own weight and the weight of other objects. We develop safe, efficient, and effective movement skills, and apply them in a variety of challenges. We practice movements that are natural to our bodies, ones that we oftentimes find ourselves performing in daily life.

We’ve found that with our method of training, we can bring our the best in our bodies, minds, and spirits.

CrossFit is a diverse, worldwide community of coaches and athletes who are passionate about health and fitness, and who enjoy putting in hard work and seeing others do the same.

10 Fitness Domains


What is unique about CrossFit?

We constantly vary our work outs (what we call the Workout Of the Day or WOD), which means that every single day you walk into the gym you’ll be faced with something new. We regularly try to learn new movements from a wide spectrum of disciplines, supporting and moving our bodies in different positions and lifting, carrying, pulling, and throwing different things in different manners. This way as we learn and understand more about how we move, our minds improve as well as our bodies.

In CrossFit, we strive to develop our ability all aspects of fitness: strength, stamina, endurance, flexibility, speed, power, balance, coordination, agility, and accuracy. To do this, we need a fitness program that is broad and inclusive in it’s scope.

Also, the CrossFit community here and worldwide is a very helpful and integral part of the system. We recognize the power of the community in keeping each other motivated and inspired to make real and lasting change. At our box (we call our gym a “box”), nobody’s a snub and everyone knows everyone, and are ready to help each other. On the internet, there is a worldwide community of CrossFit coaches and athletes of different levels who are all sharing what they do.

What is CrossFit Mad Minute?

CrossFit Mad Minute aims to be a place where people of different backgrounds and abilities can gain and develop skills and knowledge about their own bodies and their own fitness, within a community that shares and helps each other grow.

What is a “Mad Minute” anyway?

A mad minute is an old military training exercise where a soldier (using a bolt action rifle) will try to put in as many hits as possible on a target 300 yards away, within 1 minute. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mad_minute)

In more modern times it became a term used for any instance where a large volume of weapons fire was unloaded in a short span of time, as a tactical measure or just as a way to vent out.

For us, this closely describes how we view training- striving to develop the ability to do most amount of useful work within the shortest amount of time, safely and accurately.

What is a WOD?

WOD stands for Workout Of the Day and is the main feature of the CrossFit class. The WOD can be one or a combination of movement skill training, strength training, mobility training, or metabolic conditioning (aerobic and anaerobic cardio).

Will it be too difficult for me?

We do not mince words, it will be difficult. Difficult, but doable. We never make you do something that you are not prepared for. Training is meant for building up your body and mind to prepare it for life outside the box, not to break your body down. The exercises and workouts all have different variations and progressions that everyone regardless of fitness and skill level will be able to do them well.

Will I get bulky?

Not if you don’t want to. We do a lot of strength training here at CrossFit Mad Minute, but strength training is NOT body building. People do think they are similar, but the training and implementation is very different. We get you stronger so that your everyday life and your sports and activities will be easier to do. That doesn’t necessarily mean you ending up like Lou Ferrigno.

Different people (especially men versus women) with different body types and histories will respond differently to exercise. But it will be easy to spot and correct when you are starting to head in a direction that you don’t like. Physical changes to your body from exercise don’t happen overnight, so you should be able to see and control the changes that happen to you.

What are your rates?

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What is your schedule?

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I’m recuperating from a previous Injury. Do I have to wait until I’m better?

It depends on your injury. If it is anything that warranted a hospital visit, we will need a doctor’s clearance. We reserve the right to still require doctor’s clearances of those who have current health conditions.

That being said, a lot of our members with histories of back/knee/shoulder issues have reported to us that they feel better and stronger after a few months of training.

What is the Foundations Class?

CrossFit Mad Minute’s Foundations Class teaches you the 9 foundational movements in CrossFit, and other basic bodyweight and kettlebell movements. Learning these will allow you to do most of our workouts, and will lay the foundations for developing your body’s proper movement and allow you to continue training safely and efficiently. Also, you will be taught self maintenance in the form of myofascial release and mobility exercises, how to properly warm up, and the basic ins and outs of a regular CrossFit WOD.

By the time you finish your foundations, you will be well prepared to start your journey into CrossFit.