Schedule and Rates

Class Schedule and Rates


CrossFit Workout Of the Day (Regular WOD classes are 1 hour long)

615am, 530 PM, 630 PM, 730 PM


430 PM (class time on Saturdays can go up to 1.5 hours)

Basic Track

615am, 530 PM


430 PM (class time on Saturdays can go up to 1.5 hours)

Foundations Class (class time can go up to 1.5 hours)

Tuesdays & Thursdays (classes are opened by batch, please inquire when the next batch starts)

Mad Minute Gymnastics (class time can go up to 1.5 hours)

on hold

Mad Minute Weightlifting* (class time can go up to 1.5 hours)
on hold

Iron Club* (class time can go up to 2 hours)
on hold

* Uninformed drop ins are not allowed for the Iron Club. Please contact us if you are interested in joining this class.

Mad Minute Foundations (We hold one batch of the foundations program per month, twice a week for 2 weeks. Each session is 1.5 hours long.)
Tue-Thu 830pm
Basic Track

This is our beginner program, designed for individuals who want to start their fitness journey but are otherwise intimidated by what they usually see/hear about CrossFit. This class is patterned after our CrossFit WOD program but using exercises that are simple and easy to learn.

1 Month – 3950 Php
3 Month Package – 3450 Php/Month

CrossFit WODs (Workout Of the Day)

This is our main program, and our aim here is General Physical Preparedness – building a well rounded set of physical abilities that will allow you to maximize your body’s potential.

Classes start with a warm up, proceed with skill training to improve movement efficiency, then a metabolic conditioning workout, and end with some mobility work.

To reap the full benefits of the CrossFit WOD, you are advised to complete our Foundations Classes first to be able to safely and efficiently perform all the exercises involved in the WODs.

Monthly Unlimited Class Packages

1 Month – 4699 Php
3 Month Package – 4450 Php/Month
6 Month Package – 3950 Php/Month
12 Month Package – 3450 Php/Month

Limited Class Packages
8 classes (90 days validity) – 3950 Php

Walk-In box use/WOD class: 700 Php
Must be pre-scheduled. Unscheduled walk-ins will not be entertained.

CrossFit Foundations Class

This is where we teach the fundamental movements that comprise our CrossFit WODs. You will be taught how to perform basic barbell and gymnastics movements in a safe and effective manner. Your movements will also be assessed and if you have any movement restrictions, additional private coaching sessions might be needed for you to be able to be fully ready to join the regular class.

4 Session Foundations Class* – 2000 Php
* Included in 6 and 12 month Unlimited Membership Packages

Personal Training Sessions – 2800 Php for 4 personal training sessions to be scheduled with the Coaches.

CrossFit Sport Program

This is an online training program done on top the the daily WODs with the goal of preparing athletes for CrossFit competition. Training here will be more rigorous to develop more advanced gymnastics and weightlifting skills.

To allow participants to support each other and help the coaches monitor their performance, all members of this program will be part of a private Facebook group where discussions on the weekly training program are encouraged.

This program will be available to members signed up for at least 6 months, and who pass some performance standards:

400m Run – 1:40 (M) | 1:50 (F)
Double Unders (unbroken) – 20
Strict Pullups – 10 (M) | 3 (F)
Pistol Squat – 5 (M) | 2 (F)
Back Squat – 1.5 (M) | 1 (F) x BW
Strict Press – 0.75 (M) | 0.5 (F) x BW
Deadlift – 1.75 (M) | 1.3 (F) x BW
2x KB OHS – 16 kg (M) | 12 kg (F)
Snatch – 0.8 (M) | 0.7 (F) x BW
C&J – 1.1 (M) | 0.9 (F) x BW

Monthly buy in – Php 500 / month on top of membership


Current members who refer a friend to sign up for any of the unlimited membership packages will get Php 250 off per month for both the current member and their friend for the duration of their friend’s 1st membership package.
* Referral can not be a current or previous member of CrossFit Mad Minute or CrossFit Insurrecto.