CrossFit WODs (Workout Of the Day)

The WOD is our main offering here at CrossFit Mad Minute, a 1 hour training session that aims to build your General Physical Preparedness. We primarily use your bodyweight and free weights as implements for training (no bodybuilding machines) in order to train your mind (coordination, balance) and your body (strength, endurance, power) at the same time.

Mad Minute Foundations

In every WOD, we redefine ourselves and our fitness. The Foundations Program is a solid start to reach new heights in fitness.

Our Foundations Program is a 4 session (1-1.5 hours per session) class where you are taught the basic movements that we do in a CrossFit WOD. The fundamental concepts of maintaining proper posture and joint alignment for safe and efficient movement are taught using progressions of bodyweight and barbell exercises. Also, some other topics regarding our training methodology (seeking virtuosity, pushing intensity, recovery, nutrition, tracking progress, goal setting) are also discussed here. Participants are also taught basic mobility work such as myofascial release, loaded stretching etc. to work on flexibility and joint mobility.

Iron Club

Description coming soon.

Mad Minute Gymnastics

Description coming soon.

Mad Minute Weightlifting

Description coming soon.

Specialized training

Athletes who seek specialized training programs (barbell strength training, bodyweight strength training, endurance training, Olympic weightlifting) can also find a home at CrossFit Mad Minute. Please contact us for details.