Weight Loss Yoga Practice Tips to Healthy Weight Loss

Yes it is possible to lose weight a healthy way with yoga. The yoga exercises not only help lose weight but also help relax mind and soul. The meditation cause a very powerful effect on body and soul. The effects could be understood as the yoga keeps fit mind, body and heart. The inner soul rest in peace when yoga is practiced. And I helps glow skin and face naturally. Yoga was basically invented in India and practiced there a lot, a secret of Indian health and beauty. Let us check few of the positions of yoga that helps lose weight.

We here are writing the few names of yoga poses and the steps to it. The all poses could also be searched for further details:

Ardha Chandrasana: This helps tone up buttocks, upper and inner thighs. This burns the love handles from tummy.

Steps: Stand with feet joint together, Raise both the hands slowly, to the ceiling and clasp wit each other. Then bend sideways and try to keep in the position for the more minutes you can but not for long. And try it again vice-versa for other side.

Veerbhadrasana: This is also called as the warrior pose. This stretches butts, tummy, thighs and help breath well. An excellent pose to melt away fat from mid section.

Steps: Stand straight with hands on side. Extend your right leg forward and let go the left leg extended backwards. Now raise your hands and clasp with each other towards ceiling, repeat for vice-versa.

A lot more data right here : buy phen24. Utkatasana: Also known as the chair pose. Strengthens core muscles, thighs and tone up buttocks.

Steps: Stand straight Join your hands and raise upside front. Bend at your khee and raise joint hands above your head, stay as long in the position as possible. When finished stand up straight.

Vakrasana: Tree pose is the secondary name given to it. It works good on stomach muscles and abdomen. Tones up thighs and arms.

Steps: Stand straight and bend knee raising your right leg up side ways. Hold your right leg feet and let it rest on left leg thighs. Raise hands upside and inhale. Clasp hands towards ceiling and kepp hold the position until comfortable. Repeat vice versa.

Surya Namaskar: This is total set of yoga aasanas done in succession. Amazing effects on weight loss, flex and stretch body to tone up full body muscles.

Steps: The steps to suryanamaskar is very complexed and it nedds to be followed strictly. First of all a person should stand straight and then raise both the hands upside succesing to back side up, clasp both hands there. Now bend forward that your nose comes in front of your knees. Raise your head up and extent your right leg in front bending thr knee. Leaving the left leg backward, when you rest your hands on ground sideways, take power on it and extend your right leg backwards along with the left leg and lie down to the ground. Now raise upward with raising chest upside. Inhale and hold your breath. Let your legs rest on the ground lying. Now do all the steps vice versa. It is strictly allowed in front of a trainer.

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